Koji Igarashi Castlevania Video Interview

Video interview feature with Konami's Castlevania main man, Koji Igarashi, and composer Michiru Yamane.

The much-loved Castlevania series is gets its latest outing in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and today, the obvious love of classic 2D gaming action from series producer Koji Igarashi is explained in this latest Kikizo video interview.

Although Igarashi has forayed into 3D with the series - 1997's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night enjoyed massive critical acclaim - more recently it has been the series' outings on DS that have thrilled fans, with last year's Dawn of Sorrow proving that there's still a lot of love for 2D games.

In this exclusive video feature, Igarashi tells Kikizo why he prefers making 2D games and reveals whether we'll be seeing a 2D Castlevania adventure for next-gen console systems, now that work on the newest adventure, Portrait of Ruin is finished.

An affable, friendly game creator who is always smiling and laughing, Igarashi, aka IGA, also talks about the release of PlayStation 1's Symphony of the Night for Xbox Live as well as a test Castlevania developed for PSP.

We are also joined by respected series composer, Michiru Yamane, who discusses her challenge of living up to the expectations set by her past work with the Castlevania soundtrack, and how the involvement of legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro (see our interview with him from last year here) boosted the audio side of the project.

Enjoy our latest video feature with another two of Konami's top talent. Portrait of Ruin is out now in Japan and America and will come to Europe in February 2007.

Adam Doree
Director, Kikizo
Interview by Adam and Alex

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