Dead or Alive Online: Kasumi Naked

Sort of. In the latest drop-dead stunning Dead or Alive Online trailer, cutie pie Kasumi dooes indeed have no clothes on. Download here.

Update (Nov 25): Direct feed version of the trailer added

Kasumi: gets naked in latest DOA Online trailer.
Tecmo recently unveiled the second full-length trailer for Dead or Alive Online, the first ever 3D fighting game playable over the Internet and the most anticipated brawler on Xbox.

The first trailer was relatively modest compared to this mind-blowing showpiece; for starters new environments are shown - huge in scale, phenomenal in terms of effects and easily the best the series has ever seen - and perhaps more importantly, Kasumi (pictured) gets naked in a couple of scenes.

To be quite honest, Dead or Alive 3 has never been matched in terms of visual prowess, and this latest trailer proves that Team Ninja can do things with Xbox hardware nobody else comes close to.

Be sure to check out the trailer, and stay tuned for all the latest details in the run up to the game's anticipated January 15, 2004 release date.

Adam Doree
Editorial Director, Kikizo

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Dead or Alive Online
DIRECT FEED: The second Dead or Alive Online trailer, with incredible new environments and awesome Xbox graphics. [320x240, 1696kbps]
3.38min 25.3MB WMV
Dead or Alive Online
As above, shaky cam. [480x360, 1350kbps]
3.32min 33.6MB WMV

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