Namco X Capcom: First Screens & Details

We've got the first screens and fresh news on the surprise of the month, Namco X Capcom.

Just a few days ago, word began to reach us of a brand new RPG starring a killer combination of characters from revered Japanese publishers, Namco and Capcom. Today, the first screemshots arrived on our desk - so here they are, along with what we know so far about Namco X Capcom.

The game highlights a growing willingness for Japanese game companies to work together, as the local and global gaming markets get tougher and more competitive. We've already seen pairings like Sega and Namco, Capcom and SNK -- and there will be many more to come.

The RPG combines battle, strategy and story features, offering fighting techniques from both Namco and Capcom characters, in what essentially seems to be a turns-based, 3D-style attack system. Meanwhile, a range of character artwork from respected Soul Calibur designer, Kawano Takuji is included throughout, giving the game some real visual bite.

Details of the story from Monolith writer, Souichirou Morizumi, are somewhat sketchy. But from what we've been able to make out, it's a familiar tale that takes place in some near-future time, when trouble's a-brewing through some kind of bizarre time warping accident. Coming to save the day is a team fronted by the game's main characters, Reiji and Shaomu - it all sounds like a cross between Virtua Quest and Team America: World Police.

A range of other characters are in - most importantly, the likes of Shion, Mo Mo and Kos-Mos from Xenosaga, who are said to team up with Reiji and Shaomu at the frontline of battle. Players can also expect to see many other characters, like Namco fighters Mitsurugi and Jin, along with Capcom fighters like Ryu, Chun Li, Morrigan and even Strider. In fact, judging by some other leaked screenshots floating around, it wouldn't surprise us to see the entire fighting roster of Street Fighter II and other titles.

The game is set to hit Japan as a Namco-published game in May - so expect to see a lot more of it in the coming months, with a semi-localised version hopefully showing up at E3.

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