The DS Has Trace Memory

Touch-screen puzzle solving in the newly-renamed Another Code. Screens and details.

The DS got off to a good start this past March, becoming the fastest selling console ever in the UK, but that goodwill has steadily dissolved due to a lack of new releases. Thankfully, this year's E3 reaffirmed that there is still a lot to look forward to on Nintendo's dual-screen handheld, such as Nintendo's own Trace Memory.

Formerly known as Another Code, Trace Memory sees you assume the role of a teenager named Ashley D who is out to solve the mystery behind the disappearance - and presumed death - of her mother and father, both of whom are memory researchers.

The game takes place on Blood Island, which Ashley must scour for each and every scrap of information that could reveal what really happened to her parents. You'll have to talk to the residents of the sleepy burg, cajoling facts out of them, and also search through various locations to find successive clues.

Trace Memory makes full advantage of the DS's unique hardware package, using the handheld's two screens to show both bird's eye and third-person views of the action while the touch-screen and microphone are used in the game's diverse array of puzzles.

The mystery behind the disappearance of Ashley's parents will be uncloaked later this month when Trace Memory hits stores in Europe on June 26th.

Alex Wollenschlaeger
Editor, Kikizo Games

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