Splinter Cell Double Agent Impessions

We check out the new Splinter Cell to bring you these first hand impressions. Easy cell or sphincter smell?

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Splinter Cell Double Agent has been causing quite a stir of late, mainly thanks to promotional images depicting Sam Fisher as a convicted criminal. We met Senior Producer Mathieu Ferland at Ubi HQ to find out more.

With tens of millions in development fumding, three studios in three different countries working on the game, and a long time creative force for the series on hand as Senior Producer, UbiSoft is getting its testicles out for the forthcoming adventure, stitled Double Agent - and taking a handful of creative risks that so far look like they could work out for the best.

The reason behind the new creative direction for Sam is, not unusually, born from the evil known as 'Market Research'. UbiSoft decided it would explore what people thought of its popular franchise, and discovered the following:

  1. Sam Fisher is perceived as a soldier
  2. The CIA mission in the original Splinter Cell was considered the toughest and best, because of the limited gear you had and the no-kill requirement
  3. Some people beat the whole game without taking the night vision goggles off

Because of this, the company and dev team decided it was time for a change. When Splinter Cell 4 kicks off, an FMV explains how Sam is asked to leave his partner behind in a mission and come back to base. Confused, he follows orders, only to learn the horrifying truth that his daughter was in a fatal drunk driving accident. Developing a 'failed hero' complex, he leaves his job.

We next see him in jail, as a result of him having taken part in an armed bank robbery where someone was killed. The bank job was a setup for his Double Agent operation, but the death was a tragic and genuine mistake.

This plotline paints Sam as a flawed human being, which is arguably something never touched upon in previous titles, where he was shown as some kind of unstoppable neck-snapping demon in a rubber gimp suit.

Of course, he's still the modern-day ninja we've come to know and love/fear, but now he's faced with moral choices in the game that have either a dramatic impact on the outcome of the story, as your missions will often have agendas that conflict with either the NSA, JBA or Third Echelon.

You begin the game in prison and your first task is to find a guy called Jamie Washington who you must befriend, so to infiltrate his organisation and take cover as a double agent. You also have to make sure those who want him dead on the inside don't succeed. You also have to escape and you won't have your trademark goggles to help you.

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Splinter Cell: Double Agent
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