DS Overtakes PSP in the UK

Nintendo seems to be on the right track as brains bypasses brawn in the handheld battle.

If you build it, they will come, or so the saying goes, but apparently someone failed to mention to Sony when it built the PSP that it would need to have games people want to play too. The sleek handheld has fallen victim to Nintendo, with the DS now outselling the PSP in the UK, according to a report by MCV.

And it's not just in hardware. While it's reason enough to cheer for Nintendo that its portable is outpacing that of Sony, the real reason things are going so well is because DS game sales are up - way up.

The top selling DS game for last week, New Super Mario Bros, sold five times as many copies as the best selling PSP game, Tomb Raider: Legend, according to numbers from Chart Track.

It's all thanks to getting the word out to the broader mainstream audience, Nintendo's Dawn Paine told MCV, a fact anyone who has turned on the TV in the last few weeks can attest to.

The DS Lite may be getting the bulk of the attention, but Nintendo has confirmed that it won't stop selling the tank-like model just yet. The coloured models bundled with Nintendogs are selling well, so the original DS will probably still be around until the pink DS Lite, recently announced for Japan, makes its way to the UK.

Alex Wollenschlaeger
Editor, Kikizo Games

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