Buzz! The Sports Quiz

The new Buzz! for grown-ups is the best yet.

London Studio

By Ian Dransfield

Sony immediately hit a winner when they released Buzz: The Music Quiz. Combining great presentation, pick up and play characteristics and those trademark big red buzzers - sure to lure in any non-gamer to take part - the party genre had a new winner. The second iteration came in the form of The Big Quiz - more of the same, only this time general knowledge. Why this one didn't come out first is a bit of a mystery, really. Now it's time for another addition: Buzz! The Sports Quiz.

It ain't broke and it ain't been fixed, basically. All the modes and presentation of the first two games are back with the same hosts Buzz and Rose ready to (not really) make you laugh. A few different types of round show up in this newest offering but nothing that really pushes the game into unknown territory - there are five buttons, it's colour coded and when the big red one flashes you should generally press it. It really isn't that hard to work out.

"The Buzz formula has evolved to include video, sound clips and more photos."

This is not a game to be played alone. You can, but if you do you are rubbish and probably quite pointless. This is a party game, meant to be played alongside the likes of Singstar, Eyetoy: Play and everybody's favourite - Guitar Hero. Up to four players can take part and there are few options, though enough, to sort out before play commences - easy or hard, long or short, nothing major. Custom games can even be set up so the type of rounds that no-one likes can be tossed aside. Spin, you slow running game you, your time is up!

The gameshow formula that has served the Buzz series so well is back for another run out and, shockingly enough, it still works just as well. The 'charismatic' (i.e. bit of a tool) host Buzz is back, once again voiced the by the in-demand (snak snak) Jason Donovan, alongside his ever ready hostess Rose. These characters aren't anything special, basically. They add some nice character to the game and I couldn't see things done any other way, to be fair, but it isn't like they have a world changing effect on proceedings. In fact, all Buzz himself seems to do is annoy people. Ah well.

Once a round has been explained to players - and it should be pointed out that it now takes a unanimous decision before round explanations are skipped, which was something of an annoyance in previous versions when one player could cause things to skip ahead. Where was I? Ah yes, once the round has been explained, things begin and the fun really starts. Shouting, off-putting, laughter - all common sights and sounds when playing. Well, with my friends at least. Cheating gimps. The questions on offer range from the shockingly simple to the really-quite-hard-indeed, though nothing ever feels impossible. Unless I'm being quizzed on cricket. Most major world sports are covered though there is clearly a bias towards football ('soccer', my American chums) and anyone looking for a section on the world cup of Kabaddi is sure to be disappointed. Other than these foibles there is a fair spread.

The Buzz formula has evolved somewhat, thankfully, to include video, sound clips and more photography with questions, resulting in some nice variety to proceedings. Whilst there isn't a massive amount of clips - De Boer's penalty miss was seen on three occasions over two games - the questions that accompany them are not always the same, and as such don't totally kill off the fun. Repetition does occur, unfortunately, and even with the thousands of questions on offer a few repeats will happen over only a few games. Cuba won the baseball gold at the Olympics, mind.

Graphics Sound Gameplay Depth Presentation OVERALL
7.0 7.0 7.0 4.0 8.0 7.0

All in all this is a perfect addition to the Buzz family. It isn't as open to all as the previous two games were, but it will still be a part of many fun nights. Or the cause of many 'cheating' arguments. A fine addition to any party game aficionado's collection, though not one for loners or people who are going to play it all day every day for a month. This is one for a few quick plays every now and then, otherwise you'll see it all in a day.

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