PlayStation 3 Video Interview: Kaz Hirai

Kikizo talks exclusively to SCEA boss Kaz Hirai, to get the latest details on the launch of PlayStation 3.

It's no secret that PS3's journey to this point has been a turbulent one. But, as Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Kaz Hirai explains to Kikizo in this new video interview, Sony's troubles could be coming to an end - with the console finally set to hit the U.S. and Japanese markets next month.

Hirai, like many of SCE's executives worldwide, has been with PlayStation since the mid-nineties, and has been instrumental in the massive success of the company in North America. He's served as President and CEO since 2003, and alongside his SCEE peer David Reeves, was made executive vice president of the corporate executive group in July this year, becoming yet more deeply involved in strategy for the SCE Group.

So there are few people as qualified to deliver a full update on where PlayStation 3 is going than Kaz. This must-see interview was conducted just recently at Sony's lovingly named 'PlayStation Lounge', a luxury dining suite near the top of SCEI's global headquarters building, and directly beneath the spot where Ken Kutaragi's office is located - the first time any non-Sony employees have been permitted to enjoy its hospitality and stunning views of Tokyo.

Sony invited media to its PlayStation Lounge for the first time

In the interview, we quiz Kaz on the hot topics:

  • Sony's changed attitude since E3
  • Showing PS3 off to consumers for the first time
  • "We don't want to make announcements that have no meaning"
  • PlayStation profitability - "making huge contributions"
  • Losing IP exclusivity on titles like Assassin's Creed
  • PS3 a "completely different entertainment experience"
  • Sixasis and loss of rumble - why not settle with Immersion
  • Input functionality more important than feedback device
  • If HD-DVD prevails where is PS3 left for movie playback?
  • SCEA not concerned with Blu-ray, but establishing PS3
  • Launch supplies and ramping up production for Holidays
  • Strategic delay of the European launch
  • Strong platform six or seven years from now
  • No Riiiidge Racer or Massive Damage jokes - guaranteed.

Enjoy this video feature, and expect lots more before PS3 launches. Next up, see what Peter Moore had to say for himself when we caught up with him at X06...

Adam Doree
Director, Kikizo

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