Sega's Super Gunstar Heroes Return

Another helping of 2D shooting goodness coming from the folks at Treasure.

It was 10 years ago that Japanese developer Treasure wowed 16-bit gamers with an action packed 2D shooter called Gunstar Heroes. The team had mentioned that it was interested in doing a sequel, but with people moving on to other games, it never happened - until now.

Gunstar Super Heroes gets off running, using the themes of the original Sega Mega Drive game as its basis. Boss enemies will still cover the screen and pinpoint accuracy remains your only hope, but the developers have thrown new ingredients into the pot.

The weapons system has been reworked, doing away with the weapon combinations from the first game but adding carrying capacity - main character Blue and Red can each carry three weapons now.

Apart from a re-imagined version of the opening stage of the original game, all the levels are new, with homage to Sega's illustrious past littering the backdrops. And each of the characters has their own path through the game, effectively doubling the six levels that comprise the game.

Just like the recently released Advance Guardian Heroes, Treasure has chosen to develop the title for the Game Boy Advance - an odd move at first glance, but in keeping with the company's dedication to providing excellent 2D experiences.

Gunstar Super Heroes will be released for Game Boy Advance towards the end of the year.

Alex Wollenschlaeger
Editor, Kikizo Games

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