Where is Kikizo's GTA IV Review?

When to expect it.

By Adam Doree


As many of you will know, reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV are allowed to go live from 5pm BST today, Sunday 27th April, ahead of the game's worldwide release on Tuesday.

We're lucky enough to have been playing the game since earlier last week, and have made some good progress through it. However, several interviews with industry bigwigs also happen to have taken place over the last few days, and we've had to try and fit everything in.

Incidentally, the three "days" of Rockstar-based office play time that has been afforded to some reviewers is not sufficient time to review this vast game properly, in my opinion. Certainly not enough to complete it.

I could rush out a review by 5pm today, but that would really be a disservice to everyone who's been following our detailed first-hand GTA IV coverage over the last year.

There are some critical things I am still making up my mind about with GTA IV. I do not have a final score in mind yet and I'm not going to assume the game is an instant 10. Both personally and (*cough*) professionally I think I owe it to you to delve deeper into the game before hammering out the verdict, in the same vein as all that preview stuff we've done.

Therefore, much like the development of GTA IV itself, we're "delaying" our review for "quality assurance" reasons. :P

Expect to see it any day now, though, and thanks for sticking with us for GTA IV.

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